Baan Mae Kampong

You may have seen many lovely country houses and communities through TV screen. At the same time, you might have wished to see them for real at least once in life time too.

Moreover, you may get tired of seeing only modern community everyday. Therefore you want to see something different, something natural instead.

But you know what? Peaceful and natural communities dont exist just in movies! Even they may be difficult to find, but there are some for sure, including this one in Chiang Mai Province, Baan Mae Kampong. If you want to know how country lifestyle is, dont hesitate to travel there! But be careful! The village is very very beautiful so much that you may dont want to leave it!

Baan Mae Kampong is a small village located in the middle of mountains. It’s surrounded with plentiful greeney and water source. That’s the reason why the weather there is cool all year around.

Baan Mae Kampong was established about 100 years ago. Most villagers evacuated from Doi Sakate County, in order to work as agriculturists. They grow plants. They pioneered farms. They builted their houses nearby the river.